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Name: eShan V
Member since: Jun 13, 2012
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A New age Media/ Publishing company and brand owners of
a. IN10CITY  - A virtual nation in the state of Mind
b. 33.3 IM Readio - First ever radio on Print & Official radio station of IN10city.

Established to help PEOPLE self-publish with ease just by discussing IN10sly through exchange of emails.


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FOR SALE: WISDOM & WITHERING-EBOOK WISDOM & WITHERING-EBOOK - A swirling spin down the spiral of childhood and the years of naivetA is where Wisdom and Withering shall take you. We weigh the volume of bona fide life experience against the sheer weightlessness of innocence in this soul exploration. Join us as we float down the river on petals of the past and adorn the veneers that only children are so blessed to have. Discover what you have known since you were conceived and dig deep into what you failed to acknowledge.
Religion / Spirituality
FOR SALE: SPEAKING NATIVE ENGLISH TO FOREIGN LANGUAGES-EBOOK SPEAKING NATIVE ENGLISH TO FOREIGN LANGUAGES-EBOOK - Mother tongue is the affectionate name for the native language of an individual or a nation but is this maternal reference one that is rather invalid. In a modern world that is edging towards globalization, is it truly possible to allocate only western societies as being the speakers of Native English? Come join the RJAEs in this debate and discussion that attempts to uncover the native English tongue from the horse's mouth. Be prepared for a mind broadening experience as we dissect social criteria and aim to discover if these possess any validity whatsoever.
College Textbooks
FOR SALE: BLIND BELIEFS-EBOOK BLIND BELIEFS-EBOOK - Humanity is an ever-floating sphere that is held in its position by certain institutions such as religion, politics and societal morality. In this truth testing discussion, the RJ's attempt to uncover the rationale behind religion's grip on the human mind. Faith and beliefs in dogma are peeled on a dish and laid out bare for all to view. What is the diagnosis for blind faith and how did the patient end up being in this condition? Join us as we play Atheist to the doctrines that have long blinded, in an attempt to uncover the doctoring behind these divinities.
Comics / Humour
FOR SALE: TROUBLED PARENTING-EBOOK TROUBLED PARENTING-EBOOK - An investigation into the powers of the inner child progresses in this soul documentation. We nip the problem at its bud and follow the trail of the vines to establish the link between the cradle, the clutch purse and the cane. Tear jerkers will be set in motion as we unlock our hearts on this voyage.
Parenting / Families
FOR SALE: WHO OWNS THE WORLD? SMOKERS OR NONSMOKERS-EBOOK WHO OWNS THE WORLD? SMOKERS OR NONSMOKERS-EBOOK - The constant battle between those who seek gratification and those who persecute them. This is explored in this thought provoking conversation between smokers and nonsmokers alike. We question the sincerity of authoritative "big brother" organizations such as the government as well as the in-faux- mation we are forcefed on a daily basis.
Children / Young Adults
FOR SALE: STD vs ITR-EBOOK STD vs ITR-EBOOK - The motley crew tread where others fear traversing in this daring look into the fundamentals of religious fervor and the power it wields to destroy lives at first sight. A well balanced amount of personalities make for an interesting broth that may either inspire or anger. You have been warned.
Religion / Spirituality
STD vs ITRIN10CITYEnglishNew
FOR SALE: FIDELITY-EBOOK FIDELITY-EBOOK - Fidelity is a highly analytical breakdown of the basic building blocks of the social moral code. In this duel-esque discussion, we question the need for fidelity and completely dissect the reasoning behind why it is held with such high regard in our society.
Religion / Spirituality
FOR SALE: HABIT-EBOOK HABIT-EBOOK - Why do we do the things we do without questioning the norm? Why do we conform to certain traditions when we know they don't make much sense? Is it human nature? Is there a fine line between habit and addiction? We discuss what constitutes a habit.
Religion / Spirituality
FOR SALE: SEPARATION-EBOOK SEPARATION-EBOOK - Why is there a system called marriage and why is it required? Do people get forced into it out of tradition or does the idea of romance entice them to culminate it in a wedding? Has the media played a part in portraying marriages and divorces as somewhat of a norm that it has become meaningless? We question and discuss the concept behind this human ritual.
Parenting / Families
FOR SALE: ARRANGED MARRIAGE-EBOOK ARRANGED MARRIAGE-EBOOK - If marriage is the legally binding union of loved ones, is it fair to say that a marriage based on prearranged terms is a tainting of love in itself? As resident of a society in which the notion of a love based marriage is idealized, we have to start questioning if Arranged marriages pale in comparison to love marriages or perhaps if prearranged unions are much more compatible to modern day global citizens than age old romanticism.
Parenting / Families


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